Listed in January 2020 as one the discovered artists of 2019 by l’ADISQ and being amongst the top 100 Canadian finalists of CBC Music’s '' Searchlight '' in February 2020, the artist that many describe as "Refreshing revelation", wows the crowd with her unique vibe, charisma and energy! Vegas, New York, Dubai, Asia, Hawaii, Australia, Morocco, Mexico… the list goes on for the Quebec singer-songwriter who has been touring for over 16 years with various international showbands. Also appearing on the '' Just Dance 4 '' video game by Ubi Soft which sold millions of copies, with the song '' Hot for me - AKA '' and collaborating on the 2018 summer hit '' Conmigo '' by DJ Kleancut with more than 100,000 plays on various platforms.   Eventually, the established career of a performer no longer fulfills the heart of the artist who has been repressing an urgent need to create for far too long already. She then trades in the stability and the traveling to actively take control and shift her musical career in gear. In November 2019, more than two years of studies and hard work later, the album (EP) ''Version 2.0" is released, revealing a new empowered Izabelle, genuine and more determined than ever! A solid independent production led by musical director, music co-writer and bass player Alexandre Lapointe from one of Canada’s funkiest band ‘’The Brooks’’. The EP is showcasing some of the most prolific musicians of Montreal such as Gautier Marinof, recording and mix (Simple Plan, Céline Dion , Corey Hart, Marc Dupré), Pierre-Luc Rioux on guitar (David Guetta, Lady Gaga, Sia), Daniel Thouin on keyboards (Yann Perreau, Fred Fortin, Mara Tremblay) and Maxime Bellavance on drums (Beat Market, Chiild , Ariane Moffat), Alan Prater, vocal coach (The Brooks, Valaire, Michael Jackson). "Version 2.0" unveils a "Pop-Groovy" sound (reminiscent of Bruno Mars, Prince, Daft Punk, Jamiroquai, Michael Jackson...), catchy melodies supported by powerful lyrics on social topics such as domestic violence, self-acceptance, social pressure, women empowerment and much more. Only a few months after its release, the album stands out with 3 songs in Niky Radio’s top 10 (iHeart radio division) for an impressing 25 weeks now.   September 18th 2020: the artist releases a new edition of the album with 4 new French versions. Update December 1, 2020: 42 radio stations across Canada are playing the first radio single '' Self-Talk Session '' including the ROUGE FM network. The song has been in the top 10 chart at Niky Radio (iheart radio division) and CIMS FM New-Brunswick for several weeks now.