Jonas Tomalty

Jonas Tomalty (best known as Jonas) is a Canadian singer, born August 8, 1979, who hails from Montreal, Quebec.   His father, a musician and blues singer, paved the way for Jonas to follow his footsteps. As a teenager, young Jonas joined a choir, that allowed him to travel the world. Afterwards, he founded his alternative rock group: Rubberman, with whom he won first prize in the competition The spirit of CHOM FM and the DemoClip of Musique Plus in 1999. A man with many talents, while having a successful rocker career, in 1998 he forms a blues group, Jonas and the blues blooded, and began his solo career by providing the opening parts of Van Halen's North American tour in November 2004. Later that year he releases his first album Eponymous which ensures him a great success with almost 100,000 albums sold.