Rémi Chassé

Finalist on the 2014 show La Voix, Rémi Chassé enjoyed great successes for eight years with his group Tailor Made Fable with whom he recorded three albums and traveled across Quebec, the United States and Europe. In 2009, the group almost triumphed by finishing 2nd place in a competition whose jury was notably composed of Tom Waits and Robert Smith (The Cure). His participation in the 2014 edition of La Voix won him a lot of praise. Widely regarded as having the best performance in the show’s beginning seasons. The song An Army in My Voice, offered by Louis-Jean Cormier, was among the songs most broadcasted on Quebec radio stations in 2014. With the release of his first album, Rémi Chassé traveled the regions of Quebec. He was nominated in the 2016 ADISQ gala in the revelation of the year category. Since the fall of 2015, many radio extracts have climbed to the top of the charts.  
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