Stephan McNicoll

Canadian artist McNicoll is recognized by his fans and peers as being one of the most energetic, charismatic and passionate stage performers out there! With his unique Tone, Range and Vocal Style that offers both power and authenticity, McNicoll is a true performer! Born in Ottawa, now living in the province of Quebec, he was the Winner of The CBC singer/songwriter National contest and has more than 2500 shows of stage experience, including a singing lead-role in Cirque Du Soleil’s ZARKANA for both the Spain and Russian tours, as well as a lead role in the musical Flower Power  ( in various Canadian casinos ), 3 albums containing 3 hit singles, a rousing performance in Quebec’s The Voice, many Festivals across Canada, and 5 years as the Montreal Grand Prix of Formula 1 Celebratory Show’s headliner… McNicoll is a force of nature, an artist with solid writing skills, whose voice and stage presence makes him a full fledged performer who is a real crowd pleaser, time and time again. And now he is finally preparing his first international album, featuring songs he wrote and recorded, and mixed with the help of legendary Canadian producer John Webster ( Aerosmith, Tom Cochrane, Lee Aaron, Red Rider, etc ). Immerse yourself in Electric SunOne Day at a Time and Without You, and discover why McNicoll is worthy of global airplay and recognition in 2020.