Amour Suprême

Amour Suprême

With Véronique Cloutier


Conversation with Corneille

and Véronique Cloutier

For this episode I had the great pleasure of speaking with one of the most beloved personalities in Quebec, Véronique Cloutier. In addition to being a key figure in television and in radios, she has her own magazine, a women’s weekly whose motto is “dare to be yourself”. The social movements around George Floyd’s death sparked a kind of awakening in her and she began to educate herself on the injustices denounced by black communities in North America. To contribute to the fight, she decided to dedicate, for her September issue, the cover of her magazine “Véro” to black women.
She tells us about this important awareness.
Welcome to “Amour Suprême”

Title :Amour Suprême
Artist :Amour Suprême
Year :2020
Length :1h50 minutes
Language :French