Angel Forrest

Whitebox Play concert

Angel Forrest


Angel Forest

Angel Forrest has had a glorious three-decade career that led her everywhere around the globe. Throughout Hell Bent With Grace, her new album, Angel will give the perspective of an aging woman in the public eye and her lessons learned, as she feels like a little girl living so many changes in what can be perceived as the peaceful autumn of her life (She’s Gone). The opus will also explore tough subjects – The Blame Game is about mental illness – as Angel takes a retrospective look at her own life, as wells as her relationships with the rest of the world and herself. Musically, the album reflects the rock influences of Angel, but the Quebec artist, who was named Female Vocalist of the Year six straight times by the Toronto Blues Society, stays true to her country and blues roots.

Title :Whitebox Play concert
Artist :Angel Forrest
Year :2020
Length :120 minutes
Language :English