Wild Ouest

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Wild Ouest


Wild Ouest is a francophone country duo composed of Phil G. Smith and John Anthony Gagnon-Robinette.

As long-time friends and collaborators, it came naturally for Phil and John to create a joint project bringing together their respective talents as songwriters and multi-instrumentalist producers. Wild Ouest was born out of the desire to create a unique sound inspired by American country music, from which both artists draw much of their influences. Cheerful and energetic, Wild Ouest’s music is the best soundtrack for a road trip with friends or for a bun fire party. Modern, fun and catchy, the EP will be launched on October 16th with an exclusive show for Whitebox Play. The duo will perform new material and talk about how Wild Ouest came to life.

Title :Wild Ouest
Artist :Wild Ouest
Year :2020
Length :70 minutes
Language :French